Our Story – Family Business

Starting from humble beginnings in the late eighties, operating within the confines of a small corner shop in the suburb of Fivedock, Sydney – a couple had a dream. As Vietnamese refugees of the late 70s and raising a family of 7 children meant the couple had to endure financial sacrifices, a lot of hard work, long hours and immense perseverance amongst a foray of failures and unrelenting demands of a growing market seeking quality Asian food products.

The children also had to balance school with helping in the business where most nights include dinner on the go, homework during breaks and sleep time past midnight. They have grown with the business through the years and now are the managers, leading the business into the future but continuing the tradition of cherishing the relationships with the employees and customers who have stuck with the business since it started operations.

Over 30 years, the business have gone from strength to strength moving into larger facilities now Padstow, Sydney. Working with engineers and machine manufacturers around the world, we have developed the latest automated machines to assist in efficiencies but also to improve on the overall quality of our products. Hand processes still play a role as machines just cannot provide the same attention.

It is this attention to detail that MC Yee Noodles have established ourselves as a household name and as the preferred brand for Asian noodles. We are a proud Australian manufacturer and currently have reaches throughout Australia but have the capabilities and interest in expanding beyond.

Our Aims

Our mission is to be a leading Australian manufacturer of Asian fresh noodles and food products of the highest quality that are fresh, safe and meet all regulatory requirements and food safety without the compromise of our famous noodle flavours, textures and personalised customer service.