Egg Noodles

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Available in either thin or broad

Fresh produce with low odour or taste. Offered as a raw product that have been aged and chilled. Suitable for broth and with sauce. Wheat based, higher alkaline golden yellow noodles containing fresh eggs resulting in firmer bite when noodles are cooked.


  • 375g (Retail)
  • 1kg (Retail and Wholesale)
  • 3kg (Wholesale)
  • 5kg bag (Wholesale)
  • 5kg nested units in a box (Wholesale)

Recommended preparation and cooking instructions:

You need 2 pots of boiling water. In a large size pot add fresh water and bring to the boil. Using a noodle colander add 1 bundle (100g approx) at a time into the boiled water and cook the noodles for 25-30 secs. Loosen the noodles through the cooking process. Take out cooked noodles and rinse through cold water under a running tap for 20 secs agitating the noodles. In another pot of boiled water add salt, reheat the noodles in the boiled water for a further 20 secs. Place noodles in serving bowls and lightly coat with preferred oil and preferred sauces and mix for dry noodles option. Add preferred broth for soup noodles option. Cooking times will affect the texture of the noodles.